Overflate Expo 2020


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From Wednesday November 18th 2020 at 08:00
To Thursday November 19th 2020 at 15:00
Monday November 2nd 2020 at 00:00

Exhibition Info

We can offer the following packages for exhibitions at Overflate 2020:


  • Size of stand 2,5 m wide and 2,0 m deep, total of 5 m2
  • Electricity on the booth
  • Booth with built walls
  • Sign with company name on the booth
  • 1 conference delegate included, including lunch both days and conference dinner.
  • Opportunity to register up to one person per stand as stand crew. Mandatory catering fee of NOK 2990,- excl vat per stand crew. The catering fee covers coffee, tea, lunches and conference dinner. Stand crew will have full access to the Scientific Program except. Stand personell exceeding this number of people will have to register as ordinary conference delegates.
  • Opportunity to expand the stand to a total of 10m2 (5,0 m x 2,0 m)– additional cost NOK 10.000.-

 PRICE NOK 20.000.- + VAT



  • Poster exhibition 1,5 meters
  • One delegate must sign up as a conference delegate in addition to a poster stand.

PRICE NOK 5.000.- + VAT


We can offer the following options to be a partner/sponsor for Overflate 2020:


  • The stand will be in the area where most delegates is passing by – see exhibition map
  • The size of the stand will be 2 m deep and 3 m wide – a total of 6 m2
  • 1 conference delegate included, including coffee, tea, lunches both days, and conference dinner
  • Opportunity to register up to 2 persons as stand crew. Mandatory catering fee of NOK 2990,- excl VAT per person. The catering fee covers coffee, tea, lunches and conference dinner. Stand crew will have access to the Scientific Program. Stand personell exceeding this number must register as conference participants.
  • Unlimited opportunity to promote the company as sponsor of the conference.
  • Advertisement in the conference program (half page).
  • Company logo on the front page of the conference web site
  • Company logo on a big screen slide during breaks (together with the other sponsors)
  • Company logo in newsletters
  • Opportunity to expand the stand to a total of 10m2 – additional cost NOK 10.000.-

 PRICE NOK 50.000.- + VAT



Overflate 2020 will have one main sponsor. We would like to speak with companies/organisations who can be interested in a main sponsorship, to look at the possibilities of creating custom made sponsor activities and optimal exposure for the sponsor. We have chosen not to predefine a set package and price for a main sponsorship, in order to custom design the sponsorship to give maximum effect for the sponsor.

 Examples of activities and exposure we can provide:

  • Stand with the best location in the expo area
  • Conference delegate passes for several participants from the sponsor
  • Access to meeting rooms for side events / company presentations during the conference days. An example could be to have a lunch presentation with invited guests.
  • Opportunity to arrange pre-drink before the social program in privatised area outside the plenary room. Not included beverage and cost of hire.
  • Possibility of a sponsor lounge in the expo area, where the sponsor may invite guests for different activites or serving
  • Sponsor profile/logo on screens/stages and various conference material
  • Distribution of give-aways to the conference delegates.
  • Logo exposure/ads in printed material and on conference website/Facebook

If your company can be interested in being a main sponsor for Overflate 2020, we would like to talk with you find out how we can design a sponsorship according to your needs. Please contact us at post@kulturoperatorene.no!



All goods and marketing material for Overflate must be forwarded to our handling agent TL Logistikk.

No goods can be forwarded directly to the conference venue – Grieghallen. Heavy equipment or goods that should be used and installed at the stand must be handled by TL Logistikk. You may use a different handling agent from the location of origin to TL Logistikk. 

Contact information for TL Logistikk is:

Phone:        +47 55 19 55 50
Mobile:        +47 953 01 169
E-mail:         stein@tllogistikk.no

All contact and correspondence regarding shipping, handling, storage and payment will be arranged directly between the exhibitor and TL Logistikk.

Shipment address:

TL Logistikk
Hjortlandvegen 1
N-5135 Flaktveit

Please mark all goods with: Overflate 2020 / company name / booth number.




If you have any questions regarding the Overflate Expo, please contact us at post@kulturoperatorene.no or by phone +47 4000 7941. 

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Registration is binding upon pending acceptance by Overflate, either by written application, or electronic application. The Exhibitor is responsible for 50% of stand rental up until 2 months prior before the Conference start. Stand rental after this date is non-refundable.

    In case of a cancellation of the event due to restrictions from the authorities, all registration fees will be reimbursed.

    In case of changes in company policies at the Exhibitor where a general prohibition from taking part at external events is issued after the time of registration, the Exhibitor can apply for a full refund of the registration fee.


  1. Lack of fulfillment of Exhibitors specified criteria for stand positions will not be considered as ground for either cancellation or reduced stand rate.


  1. All Registrations are binding, and stand rentals must be paid. Overflate reserve the right to dispose of any areas which are not used or located. No reimbursement of the stand rental or registration fee will be made.


  1. All Exhibitors are fully bound by the Terms and Conditions in this document and any other relevant conditions implemented by Overflate. This is regardless if the Exhibitor has made reservations of any sort (unless prior written consent has been given by Overflate). Overflate reserves the right to final ruling on any disputes on the understanding of the Terms and Conditions


  1. Any pre-ordered deliveries or services, such as catalogue items, stand building/fittings, will be invoiced, and must be paid in advance of the Exhibition. The Exhibitors are financially responsible for any deliveries to their stand, whether ordered by themselves or their own suppliers.


  1. Unless otherwise agreed, all outstanding monies should be paid within the invoice due date. Documentation of fully paid Stand Rental must be shown before access to the stand can be given.


  1. Incomplete payments of Stand Rental can result in loss. In such instances, Overflate, reserves the right to dispose of the area.


  1. Sub-contracting out of the exhibition area is strictly forbidden.


  1. In the event of fully booked registration, Overflate reserve the right to cease registration, or reduce stand areas if the Exhibition is fully booked at an earlier stage.


  1. Technical documents/drawings with site layout of stands, order forms and price lists will be sent out by e-mail to exhibitors within reasonable time before the exhibition, or by the end of the registration deadline. The exhibitors must respond to these forms by the deadline given from Overflate.


  1. Overflate reserves the right to cancel the Exhibition given just cause, e.g. if the minimum number of exhibitors/conference delegates are not met. In such case, refunds will be made for paid stand rentals, and registration fees. Any other expenses incurred will not be met.


  1. Overflate cannot be held responsible for the total volume of visitors or delegates.


  1. Overflate disclaims all responsibility for any errors in the printed or electronic information documents pertaining to the Exhibition.


  1. Overflate cannot be held responsible for any compensation to the Exhibitor for any loss.


  1. Exhibitors are bound by Norwegian law and regulations, and are responsible in ensuring they hold the required permissions from the appropriate governing bodies for their exhibit properties. Foreign workforce should hold the necessary work permits and documentation.